I am a fetish artist most known for my youthful, homomasculine archetypes such as skinheads, punks, truckers, plumbers, skaters, devils and rubbermen. I have participated in art shows worldwide in Los Angeles, Toronto, Berlin, Amsterdam, and I participate occasionally in the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, spanning the last 35 years. I enjoy the attention of independent comic book publishers, working with publications such as ‘Freshman’, ‘Instigator’, “Desert Heat”, ”Blue magazine” and most recently “Dirty Minds”, selling hand-made greeting cards showcasing my illustrations for Mr. B in Amsterdam and Berlin, The Leatherman in New York City, and many others. I’ve recently shifted from digital art prints to acrylic paintings on canvas that sell quicker than I can create them.


I have 3 prints accepted for the Tucson Erotic Art Show! Check out the Exhibitions link at the top of this page to find out more! I’m not teasing about this art TEAS! I waited on some archival mounting tape to get my pieces mounted on mat boards and in their frames with UV protected

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