About Drub

Drub is a fetish artist most known for kinky homomasculine archetypes in his art: skinheads, punks, truckers, skaters, devils & rubbermen.

Drub's filthy little process

At age 15, I’d scribble madly into a sketchbook drawing things I’d yet to conquer sexually. I would furiously ‘bate my greasy cock staring at my creations, forever staining my sheets… and back under the mattress it would go. 

Then came art college, the doors of the closet burst wide, and the quest to become versed in my fantasies began. Making out with greaser boys, punks, and skinheads in the bathroom or the pit at shows with guys with guitars threw fuel on the inner fire that would not be quenched. The internet had been new to me, and I started fostering my slightly exhibitionist, kinky, and happily disgusting side. Drub was born.

Imagine my surprise when people all over the world wanted what I had. My love of mythology, the occult, and my experience with the rough, the cheeky and the raunchy dripped from my over-active imagination and into my paper and canvas. Drub became synonymous with joyous kink and filth.

Drub at 50

The energy I put into my work comes across as authentic because I enjoy all the things I paint and draw.


In The Studio

I like to sketch my ideas out before I commit to the canvas or a nice piece of Bristol board.

Once I’m happy with the sketch, I’d finalize the drawing on a gesso’d canvas or bristol board with inky details. With an ink drawing, I’d scan that in at high resolution and paint it digitally with my tablet. With a canvas, the color gets layered in slowly until the details become clearer. It’s sorcery, pulling this stuff out of the dark of my mind.

I play music in the studio, change the lighting to reflect my mood, put on something… comfortable. Sometimes I get lucky and my husband sits on the couch with his guitar or I slick myself up, get into some rubber and channel my energy.

Most of my paintings have sold or sell quickly, which I manage through social media contact or via email. The one I’m standing next to has just been finished and my largest painting yet. If you see something you like, please get in touch. I’ll be updating the website periodically with new work in the artwork section.

My therapist says I’m entering my “Phoenix Era” so I’m getting back up off my ass and dusting myself off, because I still have lot to do and butts to play with.

Drub in the studio

Where Are Those Filthy, Horny Prints?

I’ve made a calculated decision to remove my offerings of over 100 limited edition prints from public consumption. You may see them on my Mastodon profile or art shows from time to time, but they are no longer for sale.

I’ve done this for several reasons, but the main reason that I’m working on designing something for all those people who would enjoy a book of collected works. Please stay tuned for that.

I’m thankful for an extensive and rabid fan-base that spans over 35 years. I have art in 40 different countries, had 3 international shows before I reached age 30, and my work is in 1 museum. Periodically, I participate in art shows, make comics, and sometimes I even get published! Check out the Exhibitions page for a stroll through my illustrious career as an erotic artist.

In between toying with the idea of a shop and deciding what stuff to rub in your face, I garden, bake, play RPGs and do lots of DIY around the house – sometimes in nothing but a jockstrap. I may get older but I never change.




Stunk Up