Opening Night Success!

Opening night of the Tucson Erotic Art Show was a raging success from what little birds tell me. The crowd was energetic and cool, non-judgmental and kind. Maybe next year I should take a trip to Arizona to check out the funkiness that Tucson has to offer?


Opening Night Success - Tucson Erotic Art Show. Bewitching, Hail Satan! and Foot Rest by Drub on the walls of the Tucson Erotic Art Show 2024.
You have to love seeing a red dot next to your art piece on opening night!

If you look closely at the picture snapped at the show, you can see a “red dot” next to “Bewitching”. As somebody who loves participating in Erotic Art Festivals (Seattle, Detroit, Tucson, etc…), seeing the unmistakable red dot is a wonderful sight! That’s an opening night success!

The show runs for the entire month of March, so if you are in the area, be sure to stop by to check out the sexiness of it all.

The Tucson Erotic Art Show is coming to a close on Sunday, March 31st, 2024. Please get in touch if you went! I’d love to hear more about this event as it looks completely fun and full of energy. I’m told that Tucson is a vibrantly creative space and I would love to check it out in the future.

>>> Tucson Erotic Art Show Websit

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