I have 3 prints accepted for the Tucson Erotic Art Show! Check out the Exhibitions link at the top of this page to find out more! I’m not teasing about this art TEAS!

I waited on some archival mounting tape to get my pieces mounted on mat boards and in their frames with UV protected Plexiglass. The quality of my work and the understanding that my archival techniques will keep your art vibrant and looking as if it just rolled off my printer. Acid-free mounting tape and mat board are always used when I frame my work. When you buy prints from me, you will be advised strongly to follow suit. The mounted and framed art prints I had in a closet for over 20 years are as vibrant as they were when I printed them. All art prints are framed in black frames to work with anyone’s decor. I suppose it is a testament to my attention to care. 

Though I did not attend the show this 2024, my art is on the walls in a triumphant return to creating and putting items out there for fans to enjoy. Stay tuned for next year’s “Art TEAS”! Maybe? We’ll all have to wait until next year and see, that’s for sure.

(Edit: Check out more about the opening night here)

Please check out and support the Tucson Erotic Art Show

Tucson Erotic Art Show

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