Our Daughters Selene and Callisto

Selene and Callisto
Adopted in August 2023.

We prayed to Freya for good cats and we were blessed. We waited in line at the San Diego Humane Society and we got number 68 in line. I saw Selene first and then found out that Selene and Callisto were bonded pair in their litter, so we got both. We have never regretted it. Selene, named for the Moon Goddess, is the gentle love-bug who loves to cuddle. Callisto, named for the nymph or that lady that was changed into a bear by Hera (depending on the story), is the adventurous, rough-houser. Selene and Callisto are both complete attention whores.

In January 2024 – 6 months old.

They’ve grown a lot and their personalities are in full bloom. Callisto steals socks and plays with paper. Selene loves to lay on soft things and touch your face. They love to sleep in bed with us on cold nights, when they aren’t zooming around the house. Our housemate got us AirTags for them so we will always know where they are. They are adored by all.

In March 2024 – 8 months old.

They keep growing and are into everything. Having children like this keeps us active in the house. The girls eat all the crickets. The playing never ends. They like to come to sleep in our bed with us at night or our housemate cuddles them while he sleeps. They are ridiculous and always demanding attention. We have a backpack we pour them into to take them out to wear them out.