Unnamed Path

Unnamed Path - an erotic painting by Drub

“Unnamed Path”
16″ x 20″ acrylic painting on canvas.
$600 – SOLD

I never ever thought this piece would be one that somebody would want as it has deep spiritual meaning to me. I am an initiate in the witchcraft tradition called “The Unnamed Path”. It’s a witchcraft tradition for men who love men and you can find out more by looking around online.

In this painting, the main focal character is a representation of a spiritual witch, clad in saffron robes in sacred sexual meditation, surrounded by his spiritual court, associated spirits of the land and home and his personal deities. Before him lays his atheme, wand, and cauldron and a black candle. The man here is clearly in alignment with his three selves, given the violet flame and golden aura.

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