Gapekeeper - an erotic painting by Drub

16″ x 20″ acrylic painting on canvas.

I wanted to a very fisting focused painting with lots of lube everywhere and a beautiful hole… When you have an image bouncing around in your head, you have to get it out and onto canvas. I did some sketches and I’ve been holding onto that image in my sketchbook. I sat with it for a year before I busted out a canvas. This painting would make a great addition to a playroom wall. To the right are some process sketches as I know some of you enjoy seeing the progression and evolution of my work.

I want a piece that was messy and sexy. I used a pearlescent white for the Crisco. I wanted it everywhere but I didn’t want to detract from the action and composition. I’m searching for that happy medium, but a filth pig is never satisfied.

This filthy fisting piece is available for sale. Contact me to get your greasy mitts on this.