Ouroboros - an erotic painting by Drub


Acrylic on Canvas.
20" x 16"

Fetish Vibes 1 through 4 - 4 unique, erotic paintings by Drub

Fetish Vibes 1-4

Acrylic on Canvas.
16" x 20" - SOLD as a set.

Thanks so much for all the care you took in packaging the art & thank you for the hot cards! I can't wait to get it framed. It looks even more amazing than the image you had in your erotic art portfolio. I love it.

Erotic Art Patron

Garden Spirit

Garden Spirit

Acrylic on Canvas.
10" x 14" - SOLD

Berserker Queen - a painting by Drub

Berserker Queen

Acrylic on Canvas.
16" x 20" - SOLD