Dirty Minds - Brown Issue

Dirty Minds - Brown Issue
Dirty Minds – Brown Issue is here!
Every boundary demands to be transcended.

Dirty Minds, the magazine dedicated to the exploration of extreme gay kinks and analysis and reflection through images, testimonials from readers and experts. Dirty Minds – Brown Issue is devoted to one of the most taboo kinks there is: scat.

This issue showcases some sobering content with a historical take on cruising in the shithouse, a very interesting article on stigmatization of the practice by a psychologist, and an article about prevention. The second trashier section of this magazine has personal accounts, interviews, drawings and photos, plus an essay by a writer-historian. 

This issue aims at a well-informed, curious or enthusiastic readership.

A word from the editor:

In our first Dirty Minds  “Fuck-off Princess” issue, I announced :

“We will not play the opportunists, nor teasers; if you’re looking for liars, there are lots of glossy magazines, that’s not our topic. Dirty Minds is not a washing machine, but a machine to smear bodies and minds. With pride. Without stigma. Without prejudice. The decor and the editorial line are thus planted.

So with this issue, we validate our editorial line with the utmost determination, while satisfying the horny pigs and the bastards eager to get on with it.

144 pages. Text en français & English.


Vomi (édito)
Context: Wild Territories
Interpretation: Birth of a blob
Psyko: Our distressing trace of the earth
Prevention: Risks related to scatology
Lexicon: A little vocabulary…
Tribulations: Shitty kisses story
Portfolio: Pig-Prod, dirty job
Sperm bank: Thief ! – The discovery – Brutus x2
Diapers well filled – Addict
Meet the meat: Max Interview (Scatboi)
Deviants: Bastille – Martin of Holland – The Hun – Andy Warlord – Drub 
Essai: Happy like a pig in shit
Power to the people: Dani WT – Stan – John
Underground: Extrait d’un fanzine project by Rohr

You can get your very own copy through Pig-Prod.eu