Berserker Queen

Berserker Queen - a painting by Drub

“Berserker Queen”
16″ x 20″
acrylic painting on canvas.
SOLD – $300

Chaos magic is interesting to me and this is a chaos magic working and painting meant to combat the right and their fascist behavior. I had this fever dream of a totally fabulous, pink-haired queer barbarian in a loincloth. Swinging a firebrand longsword over his head and lopping off a certain froggy politician responsible for the inflammation of fascist tendencies in Americans. I made a sigil for certain results and put it on his back. I don’t tend to make violent pieces, though I have been leaning heavily into my spiritual practice. Focusing more on love and kink is my thing, but some things just need to be stated loudly for all to hear. As the kids love to say, “Slay!” Slay away and be fabulous!

This piece is a little unlike the other paintings I’ve been doing as of late. This one was full of color and queerness, without the bold lines I’m leaning back into that I had with my art prints. The energy is right and the motion is pretty pleasing to me. Let’s hope it prevents you-know-who from creeping his creepy, fascist ass back into the White House.

This piece is in a private collection on the east coast of the US. Please check out my other available work in my erotic art portfolio here.