"As You Wish" - Yellow is the Warmest Color

Yellow Is The Warmest Color Piss Comics Anthology - As You Wish! by Drub
"Yellow" - 13" x 19" art print by Drub

A collection of erotic comics and pin-up art about the joy of urine in sexual situations. Contains work by thirteen mostly queer artists with stories that range from personal, to fantasy, to historical.

Featuring work by: Jennifer Camper, Dave Davenport, Drub, Diego Gomez, Justin Hall, Dorian Katz, Ed Luce, Paolo Massagli, Annmariz Milagros, Sean Platter, Carlo Quispe, Sonya Saturday, and William O. Tyler.

Drub’s story, “As You Wish” is a piss-heavy fever dream. Have you ever thought about being careful what you wish for? Beware the Bar Troll – he’s looking to grant your wish and make your filthiness and drenched dreams come true! Ten, wet pages in black, white and yellow.

84 pages
Full color
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