Dirty Minds - Skins & Punks - June, 2021

Dirty Minds #2 - Gay Punk and Skinhead issue

DIRTY MINDS, your new magazine dedicated to the exploration of extreme gay sexualities, Trash and BDSM, but also to the analysis and reflection through files, testimonials from readers and experts.

A word from the editor:

“We will not play the opportunists, nor teasers; if you’re looking for liars, there are lots of glossy magazines, that’s not our topic. DIRTY MINDS is not a washing machine, but a machine to smear bodies and minds. With pride. Without stigma. Without prejudice. The decor and the editorial line are thus planted.”

DIRTY MINDS is not for everyone, and that’s why this first issue is called “Fuck-off, Princess! The second issue of DIRTY MINDS explores the gay skinhead and punk culture.

With a large amount of files, drawings, photos, messages and graphic creations, this issue comes in two volumes: Part 1 and Part 2. It deals with topics related to extreme sexualities as well as the origin of these social movements and the reasons why gay men have adopted their codes.

In the second issue, Drub is the featured artist, showcasing many of his original skinhead and punk images that fans across the world have loved for decades.

You can get yours at various shops around Europe & directly through Pig-Prod.eu