A New Painting for 2024

Touch - a 2'x4' erotic painting by Drub

This year hasn’t gotten off to a good start. I lost my father on January 10th and my family is struggling to right themselves. We always manage as we do, though my attention is very divided right now.

Thankfully, when I am very stressed or upset, I always have art as my outlet. I have started painting this canvas in late 2023 from a sketch I rediscovered in a sketchbook. I decided it was the right tone for what I wanted to express now. Creating something incredibly smutty yet intimate and sweet, I got to work creating a new painting for 2024.

Having never worked this large before, I knew this would be challenging. But like everything I explore, I jump in with both feet. I knew I was onto something very special when I started painting the reflected light on the rubber clothing that these two adorable men are wearing. This canvas is 2 feet by 4 feet.

I knew the details of this art piece would make or break it. The noodling in of all the line work brought me immediately back into familiar territory. This is when I recalled how I would work on my digital prints. Though this time, I was putting down color first and divining the line work later. My usual process was now in reverse.

I paused and stared at this for a night. Touched up areas and pushed back others, added subtle blues into the shadows of the skin tones, and then I came to a place where I got really uncomfortable… the gilded in gold bits. I really wanted to drive home the idea that there is a ‘spark’ between these two, meeting for the first time at a fetish night. The music is pumping. They see each and catch each other’s eye. The man on the right gets brave and sees his object of his obsession has a crooked septum ring. He takes a chance and reaches up, eyes locked, and he balances the ring once more.

I’ve added a couple of layers of acrylic gloss to the rubber and leather bits in the piece to bring it home that these rubber men love it tight, shiny and sweaty. This piece is for sale and is ready for purchase. 

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