Best of BGE3

Best of Best Gay Erotica 3

Best of Best Gay Erotica 3

The story, “Welcome Back Fuck” written by Dale Lazarov and illustrated by Drub is an 8 page sex romp. A skinhead greets his sexy ska band bassist boyfriend at the airport, who is just back from his long reunion tour. Finally, they are back into each others arms… and pants. Fun, if you like that kind of stuff!

The writer, Dale Lazarov, is best known as the writer/editor of STICKY (Bruno Gmunder Verlag), an album of slice-of-life gay erotic comics produced in collaboration with illustrator Steve MacIsaac. He’s currently working on three new volumes of gay erotic comics with illustrators Bastian Jonsson, Theo Bain and Amy Colburn. He lives in Chicago.

Originally in Best Gay Erotica 2007, the editors reprinted the story in their “Best of” volume 3. Now that’s staying power!

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