Amsterdam Show at Mr. B’s

4/12/03 – Drub(x)3 Art Exhibition

Mister B is continuing its tradition of introducing new, horny and original art with a surprising and kinky exhibition by the artist Drub (USA).

EXHIBITION: Drub(x)3 at Mister B, April 12th – July 24th 2003

Punks, skinheads and blue collar workers all getting it on. Who would have thought that such imagery would come out of Kansas? Breaking both stereotypes and conventional production methods, Drub’s artwork fuses the homoerotic with a comic book aesthetic. The result is a series of large, vibrant, lively limited-edition prints that remain playful yet are decidedly horny and perverse. Much like the artist himself.

I started drawing erotic imagery in sketch pads when I was 15 years old for my own gratification. Using a computer has really allowed my technique to blossom by allowing me to mix fine quality line art with bold and arresting color treatments to make the images really jump out from the paper but remain refined. The mixture of traditional graphic illustration with the sexually explicit subject matter I find subversive without becoming pretentious. The images are primarily figure studies of horny guys caught in the act in a way that he viewer can easily connect with. My artwork is not at all cold or impersonal. Quite the opposite, it is racy and very accessible. Sometimes I feel that a lot of homoerotic art is often quite beautiful in an abstract sense and technically well executed but somewhat idealized and even a little sterile. Today more than ever I think we need something that is human and warm that we can connect with. If you have a sense of humour that helps too since while I work I often have my tongue in cheek and one hand on my dick.

Drub’s art can be seen in magazines like Freshmen and Gay-News Amsterdam and are available as limited edition prints.

Press Information:

If you have any further questions, would like to obtain photo-material for publication, or want to enquire about interviewing the artist, then please do not hesitate to contact the Exhibition co-ordinator:

Han Verhoeven: 020-4220003 (fax 6276868) e-mail