Drub Coloring Book

05/01/03 – Drub Coloring Book

Solanas Online, an online queer arts magazine, has teamed up with Drub to put out – some artwork that is. Taking cues from Valerie Solanas, they are looking for “new fucking heroes”, rejecting the tabloid glam of mythologizing personalites and instead seeking out the subversive throught art and the individual. Definitely worth the time spent pouring over their two issues.

“We want to offer a resource to queer kids all over the planet in search of an alternative to XY magazine, Ani Difranco, and the token “Real World” Fag on this season’s run.” – Solanas Online.

Couldn’t agree more with you guys more.

In issue #2, be sure to check out, download, and print out the .pdf coloring book of some of Drub’s favorite pieces when you are done with the rest of the reading experience.