Blue Magazine

2 Wrestlers

In issue #52 (September 2004), Drub makes a splash on the pages of Blue Magazine.

The typically high-brow Australian gay men’s magazine for art, culture, and modern living took a dive right into the gutter when asking Drub to contribute some images for an issue. Blue editors decided that the image, “2 Wrestlers”, best suited their publication.

Here’s a run down of the highly complimentary text, which made it into the slick, oversized magazine, on page 10:

“We’d like to say that this image of a manly wrestler drooling over the outline of his opponent’s cock is a good example of the work of the artist known simply as Drub. But the truth is that Drub’s loony ‘toons are, on the whole, far filthier. There are skinheads fisting in their Doc Martins, a future-punk getting serviced by his trusty ‘Robofucker 5000’, Rugby teammates getting off sniffing each other’s jockstraps, and masturbation aplenty. “I like to produce images that are accessible yet also a little bit subversive,” says the Kansas City-based artist. “The vibrant colors and bold images really catch the eye but upon closer inspection the viewer sees that the subject matter is often a little cheeky or perverse… I think sex is really fun and that should come through in each piece.” Drub sketches his works then colors them digitally and sells them online. His quirky website is a must-visit if, like Drub, you’re into “homo trash art for the punk and skateboard generation.”