Turnover – Comic Anthology

05/01/03 – Time For Turnover

AIDS Project Los Angeles has published a great comic anthology to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS amongst gay men. To put this project together, the APLA has assembled a superteam of artists and writers to tackle weighty subject matter as safe sex, sexual addiction, drug abuse, different levels of self realization, fears that gay men face and the turning points that result from such actions or behavior.

Glen Hanson, Drub, Steve MacIsaac, Victor Hodge, Gary Gregerson, Colter Jacobsen, Jason Guillermo Luz, Enzo Ybarra, and Pato Herbert fill the pages with stories, comic art, and various life lessons without talking down to its audience.

Drub’s story, “Malware”, is a playful, sexed-up Charlie’s Angels sendup. The three main characters (a mod, a punk, and a skater) break up a plot to replace honest-to-goodness sex with a virtual cybersex online service where nobody touches but is highly addictive.

Turnover was available at the APLA website and all the hard copies of the comic anthology are out of print.

Thankfully, “Malware” is available for purchase at Selz for $2.00!