Seattle Erotic Art Fest ’06


The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival extends their hand yet again and dubs Drub an “invited artist”, only this time – he’s doing the show up big!

Three works are to be displayed: Force, Eros and Qetesh.

Why are the last two pieces so special? Well, besides the fact that Qetesh is a female (a first for Drub!) Semetic goddess, both Eros and Qetesh are to be used to promote this year’s show. The two images are to be used in advertisements in magazines, press releases, posters, t-shirts and various other shwag to take away from the show! The two pieces were done custom for this years theme: Gods and Goddesses of erotic lust, love and pleasure.

The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival was a whirlwind of excitement, performance art, artists, patrons, organizers, volunteers, and erotic art appreciators – all over the age of 18, that is.

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival was founded in 2002 by Seattle’s Sex Positive Community Center to promote freedom of sexuality, speech and creativity through the erotic expression of fine art.

The original vision included growing the Festival into a destination event that would draw people from all parts of the world. By the second event in 2004 we had achieved this goal, drawing artists, patrons, and visitors from around the world and exposing them to art that might otherwise be hidden.

Our inaugural Festival had over 1,000 visitors the first night, with a weekend total of over 2,000. Our 2004 event drew over 4,000 visitors, showed the work of 187 artists, and sold more than $27,000 worth of art.

The third annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival, was held at Consolidated Works in Seattle, April 15-17 includes: an expansive exhibition of contemporary erotic art, installations, a gallery store for small works and prints, opportunities to meet the artists, and these special programs:

2004 Festival attracted over 4,000 attendees and featured more than 180 artists from around the world. SEAF2005 received almost 900 submissions from 375 artists in 30 states and 13 countries, and is proud to showcase the tantalizing talents of local Seattle artists: Jessica Dougherty, Jim Duvall, Ellen Forney, Jeff Hengst, Laurie Hemingway, Krysztof Nemeth, Derek Nobbs, Demi Raven, De Kwok, Jodi Rockwell, Toi Sennhauser and Hypnox (SEAF2003 Viewer’s Choice Winner), among many others.

“What an incredible honor to be the artist chosen to promote the show!” Drub oozed, “I mean, to be asked to do this for such a great cause, especially in today’s cooling climate where the government wants to restrict what you look at is an overwhelming feeling. I’m very pleased to be an invited artist again and hope to meet lots of great people this year. If anything, the exposure to a vast amount of people who may not know about me and my work yet is there and I couldn’t be happier.”

The festival kicks off on Thursday, March 23, the Committee fetes our fabulous sponsors, patrons, presenting artists, volunteers and other VIPs at the coveted invitation only launch party. Contact for more information.

Doors to the public at noon Friday March 24 for a weekend of introspective art viewing and shopping, opportunities to attend a complimentary lecture or a film. For more information visit the Seattle Erotic Art Festival website and get your tickets now.