Folsom St. Fair ’07

9/30/07 – Folsom Street Fair 2007

From the Folsom St. Fair site:

Hundreds of thousands of Folsom Street Fair-goers, dressed in leather, rubber, uniforms, drag, or very little at all, enjoyed a memorable day of frolic in the hot summer sun this past Sunday, September 30th. Incredible numbers of visitors came from all over the world to mix and mingle with local enthusiasts to enjoy top alternative acts, sexy vendor booths, lots of cold beer, and more than just a little fun and flirtation.

Andy Copper, Board President, said “We are extremely grateful to the community volunteers who make this event so successful and fun! Our generous sponsors, engaging exhibitors, our special women’s area, and vibrant fairgoers all came together to make for a truly memorable weekend. We marked many milestones in the development of the Folsom Street Fair this year, including the introduction of new area for artists like cartoonist Justin Hall, illustrator Axel, and photographer Shilo McCabe. This year signified the second year of our Leather Women’s Area, Venus’ Playground, as well as the biggest headlining bands in our history like KellytheSTARTImperial Teen, and Ladytron DJ Tour. We’re thrilled!”

A word from Drub:

“Being my first Fair, not knowing what to expect, and being asked to take part in the new artist space donated as a gracious gift to give back to artists struggling to make it in the field of erotic art – I’m honored and pleased to have cut my teeth at such an event. Not only was everything well organized, the volunteers helped out to make sure all the artists requirements were met.

It didn’t take long before the street was bustling with people and with a crowd comes exposure. Along with artists like Justin HallAxelRob ClarkeSean PlatterSteven MacIsaac, and Shilo McCabe – putting our best foot forward at events like this makes it all worth our while.

Personally, I couldn’t have been more excited to meet and greet people who were also intruiged by the art booths. Putting something out there that is tangible and accessable for the fairgoers is part of what makes artists tick.

My only regret is not getting to experience enough of the Fair itself. Being stuck behind the table wasn’t half bad – especially when you got to see people’s faces light up and they got to take something away with them that I hope made their Folsom experience a absolutely unique one!”