Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept custom work?

YES! If the subject matter is something incredible, I’ll be more interested to work on it. Looking through my portfolio will give you a good idea of what subject matter I particularly gravitate toward.

Just drop me a line and we can discuss it further to see if it is something I want to take up.

What is your process?

I start traditionally with bristol board, pencils and pens. If it’s a commission, I work slowly with the client to get them what they want if it’s feasible. When I get a piece the way I want it in the pencil stage, I begin inking in my work. After I have a nice inked in piece, I scan it in at a high resolution and begin layering color in on my Mac with various art programs until I’m happy with it. The inked drawing gets stored in a flat file in my studio and the digital art is backed up for safe keeping. I only do a limited run of fine art prints of each piece, which are signed and versioned by hand.

Do you do work for magazines?

Sure. If you know of one that still has it’s doors open. Again, I do so for the going rate paid for magazine illustration. I don’t work out of kindness for some community or for ephemeral “exposure”. These are the two biggest lies perpetrated on artists.

Will you donate a piece of art to my charity/leather raffle/fundraiser?

It depends. If the charity is in line with something I think is a worthy cause, I’ll most likely say “yes”. If it’s for a “leather raffle” or some other kind of donation, I have to politely decline that offer. I have to eat, you know. Be considerate. Your non-profit organization can afford to pay an artist for their work if you want it bad enough.

Do you always do 13″x19″ prints?

Not at all, but I prefer it. I’m always looking for new ways to express myself. I’ve done work for comic books, life-sized paintings and prints, drawn on people’s ass cheeks, and put work on skateboards and T-shirts.

Can I download and print out your work?

Absolutely not! You’re not only stealing, but you are stealing a poor quality copy optimized for web viewing and it’s not how it was intended to be viewed. If I find out where you live, I might burn your house down and cut your pubic hair off with a lawn mower.

Why is you work so expensive? Isn’t it only worth the cost of materials you spent on it?

I would encourage you to go out on the internet and find comparable work that you like and check out the prices for their limited edition prints and originals. You’ll find I’m on the more affordable end. And because I know some can’t afford  large, fine art prints – I’ve allowed all of my work to be sold in card sets (5 per pack), any illustrations, your choice for only $20 plus shipping. Art you purchase is an investment.

I have also opened a Society6 shop. Be sure to check out the affordable options there at

Will you ever put out a coffee table book or some other collected publication?

Oh, man. I’d love to do that! We’ll have to wait and see on this. I could self-publish but I’m unsure about it. I do have several short stories in various comic books or collected erotica books out there for very reasonable prices. If you are a book publisher, I would certainly love to hear from you.

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