Inferno XLII

Remember all those little teaser images I’d been chucking out there for you all to see a few posts back? Well, it’s done and off my plate and here’s the whole story.

Not to be confused with the Marvel Comics Universe explosive weapon of the same name, this one is for a pretty exclusive and long running leather event. I’m honored to be asked to do such a thing for them.

This image and logo type will be on their posters, T-shirts, the run book, coffee mugs and anything else they are going to want to print it on. I worked a bit differently that my usual illustrative work. Instead, I did my sketches, working out my ideas, looked to Mike Mignola’s Hellboy art book and lots of old bath house and leather bar advertisements for inspiration, and brought things together in Adobe Illustrator for a more clean, clear, and scaleable graphic for the leather run’s various needs to create a cohesive look across the board.

Below shows my initial rough sketch and the final image side by side. Not shown are the many, many bondage images, old advertisements for poppers, bath houses, and leather bars (You can find them on my Tumblr if you look long enough) or the 9 or 10 sheets of tracing paper I layered over my final sketch trying out different gear on the figure before taking the final to the computer to simplify things so they would reproduce well. As always, click on the image, mouse over the image that comes up in the browser and navigate to the upper right hand corner icon to make the images large for viewing.

Now I’m not sure if I’ll be selling this image at all because it’s so very specialized to a specific event, but I’ll wait to hear from those who do go to Inferno XLII and the general public before I say “yes” or “no”. Enjoy!

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