My Bent Con Saturday

So I’m back from my wonderful time at Bent Con this year. While I only spent an action packed Saturday…

Bent Con is a full 3 days with lots of call out sessions, lots of art and comics, and D&D pathfinder games – all with a queer bent. Regretfully, I was being too much of a social butterfly and missed out on the D&D stuff as I would have really really loved to have played as they had a nice manageable group. Plus the DM looked kind of sexy, but I digress. It would be nice to be a player rather than the DM.

I got in and began my tour of the artist alley booths and collecting hugs from my artist friends that I haven’t seen in years: Patrick & Robert at Class Comics, Sean Platter, Dave Davenport, Steve MacIssac, Will & David at Carabosse Comics, and Zan at Northwest Press to name a few. Do check them out if you weren’t able to go this year and peruse their fantastic array of art, books, comics and goodies.

Highlights of my whirlwind hug-a-thon include Steve MacIssac cracking all the stress out of my spine, winning a book at the QuackCity booth, having a delightful conversation with the charming and absolutely amazing John De Salvio and his self-published book of landmark queer political cartoons, and rounding out my visit to the Tom of Finland booth where one of my favorite artists, Michael Kirwan, was stationed. I chatted with him and bought his book Just So Horny, which he so kindly signed with a note just for me. Now I can say I own something of his! Sharp was also at the booth so I got to chit chat about stuff in general, which is nice because he’s always very busy. And I have a tentative date to come up and visit Michael for cocktails! So nanny nanny poo poo!

Already late for my promised attendance to the ‘Race and Class in Comics’ panel, I swooped in and grabbed a seat where a rather lively discussion was already in progress. I’d love for the panel discussions to be a little longer because it was pretty thought provoking. Phil Jimenez and Joe Phillips brought up some great things in regards to audience of comic books, how this ties in directly to character creation and the effect that it has on the medium and society at large.

Afterwards, I spent some free time getting something to eat. Finally alone for a few in the Marriott restaurant, I collected my thoughts on an already jam-packed afternoon where I heard a very familiar voice two booths behind me. Sure enough, my ears did not deceive me. Sean Z, the creator of Myth, was just finishing up as I was getting ready to stuff my face full of good food. He came over to catch his breath and catch up with each other as we don’t see each other as often as we would like.

After dinner, I spent some relaxing yet titillating moments doing 10 minute rough gestural drawings on my iPad. Models that asked for images, get in touch if you want my simple scribblings emailed to you.

Toward the end of my night, I was rounded up into a group of 9 of us (The boys from Class Comics, Butch McLogic, Jezza Smilez, the boys from Carabosse Comics, a model and a guy named Johnny – writing this out sounds like a set up to a joke or something) and we headed over to Denny’s. I had a Hobbit themed smoothie that was rather sweet, which I think only fueled my already giddy state but I was glad I wasn’t the only one. I’ve become a relative shut-in so all it really took was a few rather crass Hobbit jokes before the rest of the restaurant wished we never showed up. Seriously, Denny’s, what the hell is up with that ridiculous menu?

We returned to the Burbank Convention Center and hugged our last hugs and said our good-nights and I wandered over to see a D&D game finishing up and then went to my car and back to where I was staying. I returned on Sunday morning to San Diego.

See you all next year!

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