You know when you dance like nobody is watching you? Where you just let go and you just don’t give a fuck?

Ok. Same concept but apply it for when you’re just tossing a big one off. You get so worked up, so into wanking that you’re saying crazy stuff, your tongue is out, your eyes lose focus or your drooling all over yourself and pulling faces? That’s when you know you’re gooning out. And you’re just not going to quit until you’ve popped.

This one is for those guys who edge themselves so hard they look in the face of insanity and make faces at it.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I better get myself off… to bed.

Goon - ©2012 - by Drub

Goon – ©2012 – by Drub

As always click, mouse over until that icon appears in the upper right hand side, click it, and see the ink drawing all large and in charge.

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