People ask me where I get my inspiration to make the images that I do: the perverse, the extreme, the humorous, the deviant, and the base.

My inspiration? It comes from rough, fertile places. The places that are gritty, dirty, and ripe. Snapshots of beauty in depravity, triggering memory, recorded on paper and synthesized digitally. My mind is a place without shame, inspired by those who do as opposed to those who do not, where everyone is equal despite of the roles they play.

It’s a perfect place where the flawed are holy, the beastly run wild, and the wicked are rewarded. Play in the mud. Put your fingers where you’re told not to go. Make as much noise as you like. It’s all permissible here. For some of you, my work is a reflection of your caged lust set free – free from judgement and bound in fetish. It’s an endless place of twilight glades, inky caverns, dingy warehouses, and extensive vaults and hedonistic locker rooms.

I pour myself into each illustration or comic book story. Every work, in the face of it’s cartoony styling, there is an element of pure truth. Stepping into the world of these pin-ups is to step into and try on my libido. Each one has a narrative or striking point, born from a marriage of imagination and the power of recall. The light, humor, heat, laughter, desire, passion, and my constant need to explore what I don’t know or quite understand yet. This is my inspiration and my expression.

Come find me. I’m smiling in the dark.

To taste a bit of what I take as inspiration, please visit my Tumblr archive and to possess a bit of me you can purchase one of my limited edition prints here.

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