People ask me where I get my inspiration from. My tastes are varied and my vision is focused. Over the years I’ve collected images that spark my creativity.

In my attempt to give you a peek inside my dirty mind, I’ll be taking this new tumblr account through it’s paces to show you a series of events, people, archetypes, images, faces, and art. I’m hoping they thrill you as much as they inspire me while giving you a little understanding of what drives me to make my art.

While I’ve given credit where I know it to be, sometimes I just don’t know where the items may have come from. If you see something that is yours and you want it removed or something you’d like credit for, please let me know via the contact link at the top of my website. The last thing I want to do is hurt anyone’s means of expression or livelihood.

Thank you and please enjoy!

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